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Old people don't want to live with their children

Aucist posted on May 11, 2017 at 09:04

Today, when the couples get married, they care about whether they need to live with parents. Most couples can’t reach agreement when they come to this issue. It seems that old people need to live with their children to seek for better care. But the fact is not, old people generally do not want live with the young people.

On the one hand, old people know exactly the gap between the young generation and their generation. The lifestyle will be very different. They get up early and wake up timely, while the young people like to stay up and they tend to make up sleep on weekends. If they live together, the timetable will be interrupted by each other and both can’t live happily.

On the other hand, it is easy to have argument if people stay together for a long time, no matter how nice they are at the beginning. The new couple will have their problem, while if the old people interfere, then things will be miserable. So it is better to stay off the argument.

Now most parents choose to live not far away from their children, because staying the small distance brings benefit to both sides.

That bloom on a perfect circle (Zhao Baishi stills with merchants to the victims gathered at the hope that they can pledge)

Mrs. Wu nearby of the servant girl to release cases of Silver Spring apricot and accosted her know that Hu Yongmei was so arrogant because Wu gave her married in the hope. She went back to her room and said Zhou Ying about it, and Zhou Ying told her that she liked her grandmother or Hu Yongmei, and said, "I don't do it!"

Lord Shen knows Zhao Baishi's plan, but does not intend to donate money. Because he bought rice before he sold it for a high price. Now when opening earthquake relief was painstaking in vain. So, no matter how Xing Sheng moves, he doesn't agree with the porridge. And Wu Yuwen, also out of the idea of not trying to snatch officials, did not intend to do so. Wu is in a hurry in his heart to find the help of the young housekeeper. But the young housekeeper did not want to violate the Lord's order, and did not distribute his hands to him.

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