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The pros and cons of being a doctor

Aucist posted on May 15, 2017 at 05:32

Doctor is a common profession, but its content and duty make this profession not common. Different people have different views towards this job. In my opinion, being a doctor has advantages and disadvantages.

Being a doctor is easy to earn respect as its job duty is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying. This makes their job becomes noble. Besides, when they save people, they will have a sense of accomplishment, too. When it comes to this, the profession as a doctor is good for people to develop their loving heart and responsibility, which will make them better people. Of course, their salary is very high.

However, being a doctor is also a risky. Their job is saving people, so sometimes their carelessness will take a person’s life. As a result, sometimes it will cause some medical disputes. What’s more, doctor is always very busy. They usually can not have a break when they are at work. As for time, the job needs them to shift working. Thus, they do not have too much time to company their families and friends.

Every coin has two sides. So does the job of being a doctor. But, I think the good side is more than the bad side.

Zhou Ying wanted to persuade Wu to make a mistake and not have to do it for himself and his family. Once the mountebank, vagrant days, she had seen Men's feelings are changeable. Suddenly encountered so gentle and firm to the good person, a heart like Zhou Ying was warm quilt wrapped up, hot hot. The hot, straight - burning she fell in tears. Wu hired sympathy at this woman, more in my choice is not wrong. He slowly for her to gently wipe the tears are met as rare treasures, the fear of breaking her heart lingering.

Although Wu Yuwen is still angry, but his heart is also thinking about the test of two people, hope that his son's pay is worthwhile. The hospital kneeling young couple, already is sweetly scattered in the air. They sweet talk before, those who meet each other. It turned out that Zhou Ying saw Wu when he first saw it. Wu Pinze speaking the truth, that day she emerge in its totality scenario. In retrospect, it was a moment of pity and admiration for the woman, and love and hate. That meeting, have mixed feelings on a person's thoughts, it is love!

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