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A symbol of maturity

Aucist posted on May 18, 2017 at 08:37

Being mature doesn’t mean the person is adult. The age is not the standard to measure whether a person is mature or not. Some teenagers know their future duty and act in a mature way. The symbol of being mature is not decided by age, but the way they think.

Firstly, the mature person must have right attitude towards life. When he gets the unfair treatment, he won’t be angry and give up on himself, instead, he can adjust himself and get used to the new environment. So, no matter what happens to him, nothing can frustrate him. He always finds his own way to appreciate the beauty of life.

Secondly, the mature person must be knowledgable. As he experiences so much, he has broadened his vision. When other people ask him questions, he can give his own opinion and his profound thoughts will impress others. When we talk to the mature people, we will always learn something from them.

People like to communicate with mature minds, because it helps them to grow up. Everybody can be mature if they improve themselves all the time.

Wu is in the heart of Zhou Ying, who is tired of these words. He knew that if this time did not make a clear refusal, not only did Zhou Ying get angry, but even Hu Yongmei would be delayed marriage. In this case, it's not good for three people.

Hire Wu said, Zhou Ying in this life will be his wife, and for Hu Yongmei henceforth only Xiongmeizhiqing, she may soon find an excellent husband. Hu Yongmei was shocked, the soul seems to be pulled out, looked at the absence to turn away Wu hired.

That bloom on a perfect circle stills (Wu Pin explicitly rejected the Hu plum wife remarried, his wife is always declared Zhou Ying)

Probably understand Sanyuan pawn, Wu proposed to hire shop back their business to the father. But Wu Yuwen said now that people are not enough to mobilize these relationships at will. Wu said to let Zhou Ying go to hire six rafters hall attend, after all before she proposed to reduce remote merchant rebate idea.

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