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The benefits of self-help travel

Aucist posted on May 25, 2017 at 14:03

Nowadays, as Chinese economy develops so fast, people’s life standard also improved. They have more money and start to chase for amusement. Travel is the first choice. It not only can broaden their vision, but also relieve their pressure. Young people trend to independent travel, while the old like group travel. I am favor of the former.

On the one hand, independent travel is much free. I can go to any tourist site of the city. Sometimes people tell me the interesting place and I can change my schedule anytime. Group travel focuses on shopping and the tourist guide will implant you the idea to purchase products. What’s more, you have to compete for the food and the seat with other visitors.

On the other hand, I will have more time to learn the culture. As my time is scheduled by me, so I can decide how long I will stay in one place. I like to make friends with local people. When I am communicating with them, I can learn their culture, which makes me so excited.

Independent travel is favored by more people, which it will be the young people’s first chioce.

That bloom on a perfect circle (two stills in the flowers under the tree affectionate kiss)

The second day, Wu engaged with Zhou Ying came to court six rafters. Sure enough, the other masters were dissenting. Wu Yuwen said, they had to temporarily give up. A few of the cabinet in succession, Zhou Ying listened with relish. She opened the door to a new world, learn the business like hunger and thirst to. After the apprenticeship heard this news, they ran to congratulate Zhou Ying. Just then, the morning will end, and everyone is walking out. Pawn shopkeeper saw Wang's face, think of the man a few days ago to pawn Yantai, as if the thought of what bad things.

The business of Gu Yue's medicine shop has gone from bad to worse, and Du Mingli has specially arranged two big merchants to talk about business. He was not out of kindness, but he thought he had to use a plan to leave Hu and Wu. Suddenly, the fourth week came to herbal shop sapo.

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