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Finding the meaning of happiness

Aucist posted on February 23, 2018 at 13:20

“What the happiness is” is the question that we are always asked. People hold different opinion as they experience the different life. For some people, they believe that happiness is to own the great success in career and earn a lot of money. For another people believe that doing what they want is the biggest happiness. In my opnion, I agree with the latter.

It is very lucky to live the life we want and enjoy the things we do. For some very successful businessmen, they are busy all the day, travelling through different cities to talk about the projects. When they have time at midnight, they always feel lonely deep in their hearts and wonder about what they are doing these for.

While for some ordinary people who can slow down the life pace and enjoy the life, they know the meaning of happiness. They put their family in the first place and cherish the time spend with them. Life is short, they know exactly what they want and don’t want to waste the time on vanity fair.

The meaning of happiness comes from the moment and the things we enjoy.

Hu Yong-mei with a housekeeper to the governor Yamen to find out the news, is unable to do anything, just saw the Du Mingli freely. She thought it was a way of survival, went down to him and knelt down, pleading with gold begged him to save his father, and even willing to do cattle do Malay report. Du Mingli looked pearly rain beauty, a look of gentle, said he promised not lose the letter.
That year blooming moon is a still-still (Hu Yongmei Guiqiu Du Mingli save his father)

Du Mingli farewell to Miss Hu, talking about two things they knew before. Hu Yongmei look surprised, she has not remember. Even with more regret, Du Ming Li can only be hidden in my heart. After all, his unscrupulous efforts over so many years are meant to get rid of the past.

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